It was with enormous pleasure that the Friends welcomed this talented and versatile cast of actor-musicians to the bar of the Devonshire Park after their first-night performance of this imaginative take on Agatha Christie’s The Secret Adversary.  The story is set in London in 1920 and marked the first appearance of what are reputed to be her favourite characters, Tommy and Tuppence – the twenty-something heroes back from The Somme with no money or job prospects played by Garmon Rhys and Emerald O’Hanrahan respectively.

The Cast

Back (l-r): Nigel Lister, Elizabeth Marsh, Morgan Philpott Front (l-r): Sophie Scott, Emerald O’Hanrahan, Garmon Rhys

This energetic, multi-tasking cast of seven had delighted a large first-night audience with comedy and suspense, not to mention live music and interludes of accomplished magic, asides to the audience, and so many instances of creative invention – that included car rides and spying through a giant keyhole!  At times it was difficult to keep up with which actor was playing what character or which instrument, so swift and convincing were the transformations. It was only the lead characters – Tommy and Tuppence – who remained the same throughout the play.

The enthusiasm of the cast was infectious and they were happy to chat and pose for photographs – and in Morgan Philpott’s case, share his birthday cake – with the Friends!  We discovered that for most of the cast it was their first visit to the Eastbourne stage, but we look forward to welcoming them back sometime soon!