We were very pleased to welcome the cast and company of Pitcairn in the bar after their first night performance. It was good to meet all fifteen members of the cast and Director, Max Stafford-Clark. Our members enjoyed talking to this very lively and mostly young company.

Cast and company, with Director, Max Stafford-Clark,  front left

Cast and company, with Director, Max Stafford-Clark, front left

Set in 1789, a time of revolution and emerging democracy in Europe, the play follows the fortunes of Fletcher Christian following his famous overthrow of Captain Bligh in the mutiny on The Bounty when, accompanied by the ship’s crew and their Tahitian lovers, Christian arrives at the fertile and remote island of Pitcairn.    It was a vibrant, energetic production, well acted throughout and, with its salty humour and growing horror, in some ways quite different from those we have seen recently at the Devonshire Park.

The scene was set so brilliantly with the effect of the sea crashing on the rocks before the play started and the scenery throughout. It was interesting to learn about the make-up – especially with the magnificent tattoos sported by many of the cast – and also to speak to the wardrobe mistress about the costumes – all of which aided our transportation to the South Seas.

Two members of the cast

Two members of the cast

It was amazing (not least surprising) to be treated to a ‘haka’ as a finale to the curtain call!