This is the third in the 2016 Murder in the Park series from Talking Scarlet – another thriller and certainly faithful to its genre.  Death Toll is the latest offering from the relatively young playwright, James Cawood, who is purported to be a huge fan of Alfred Hitchcock – and this influence truly comes to the fore in this play.  It is always difficult to pull off thriller and horror tales on the stage to an audience that has been brought up watching on the big screen but this production achieved this in spades!

The play is set in a desolate lake-side hunting lodge in the Scottish Highlands and tension and suspense builds from the outset. There were audible gasps and squeals from the audience who literally jumped out of their seats on occasion as the twists and turns of the plot, with moments of black comedy, unfolded on the stage before them in this brilliantly cast and performed four-hander.

We were delighted to welcome the foursome and members of the Company to the bar after what had been a gruelling evening for the actors.  Poor Corrinne had actually sustained some bruises and other injuries during rehearsals and previous performances and we hoped that these had not been aggravated during this first night performance!  A dangerous game this acting lark!

The Cast

Front (l-r) : Alyssa Tuck (Stage Manager), Rachel Dingle (ASM) Behind: Mark Martin, Tom Butcher, Corrinne Wicks, Jolyon Young

It is always such a treat to chat to the cast of a Talking Scarlet show – most of them such old friends – and the party went on for some time with the many Friends gathered in the bar to meet them.  Once again, it was good to see a few new faces amongst them and we hope they will return in the future.

If you don’t go and see this while you can, you are missing a real treat.  Remember, as we are told during the play, murder is easy – getting away with it is the difficult bit!  We wish them all every success as they take this play on tour!