L-R:  Brenda Pearson-Woodd (Treasurer); Lesley Raven (New Vice Chairman); Tom Dixon (New Chairman); Michael Philpott (Secretary)

This was quite a lively yet informative meeting which 105 members attended, out of a membership of 1344 (at 1/7/13 – 7.8%).  [This was a significant increase on 2012 but still very low – the AGM is, after all, the only chance the membership gets to meet the Committee & Theatre Department Management at the same time and the opportunity to ask questions.  Most questions do tend to be about the Theatre’s show programming, facilities, development etc. but that is the core around which all of the activities of the FDPT are based.]

The minutes of the 2012 AGM were accepted with one exception, that item 11 had not been included on the Agenda for 2013.  The Secretary explained the reasons for this (that he and the incoming chairman felt it was unnecessary) but he did agree to consider the matter when reviewing the constitution of FDPT which he hoped to do in the coming months.  The minutes were unanimously accepted with one member voting against.

The outgoing Chairman reported that this had been a complex and, at times, a difficult year for the committee.  Angela particularly thanked all the volunteers who had helped with social events, Park Scene, promotions, the stewards, audio team, floral arrangers, photographers and all others who may have helped in any way, not least in supporting events.  In the Theatre the Friends had been involved in 2 major refurbishment projects:

–     the gents toilet at the rear of the stalls was completely refurbished at a cost of £39,194.

–     the DIY team, led by Keith Clements, helped with the redecoration if the bar and our financial contribution was £851

The Treasurer reported on another successful year.  The accounts were accepted and the membership subscriptions for 2013/14 were agreed to remain at £12.50 (single) and £20 (double).

The Officers and Committee Members were (as notified to members in the last edition of Park Scene) all elected un-opposed.  Details are in Park Scene as well as being on this web-site.

As members will also recall from the AGM notice sent out in the summer edition of Park Scene, two motions had been submitted for consideration at the AGM.  Motion 1 was discussed at some length, motion 2 less so, and neither motion obtained the required 70 votes (2/3 of those present – 105) for approval.

Gavin Davis, representing the Theatre, reported on the year past and the difficulties in being able to attract quality shows to the theatre.  However, he did single out the excellent work of ‘Talking Scarlet’ in several recent productions and confirmed that he and Chris Jordan were looking forward to the rest of the year.  In response to a question he said it was unlikely that the theatre would offer a 2 for 1 on 1st nights for FDPT but they were looking at ways of encouraging people to book into the Upper Circle!  Most productions will only come to the DPT with a guaranteed income so the ‘£1 booking fee’ (when applied) is often the only real income the theatre gets from a show’s ticket sales.

The meeting ended at 9.35 pm.

[The full version of the AGM minutes will be available to members prior to the next AGM but any member may request to ‘inspect’ the minutes of both the AGM and Management Committee meetings at any time, as has always been the case.  Any such request should be made to the secretary in writing – email acceptable – 7 days notice required.]

Some of the Friends in attendance

Former Chairman Angela Hughes was presented with a floral arrangement in gratitude for her hard work over the past twelve months.