Posted July 8th, 2013

The Cast & Company of “Boeing Boeing” at the first night bar reception.

Boeing, Boeing, is playing at the Devonshire Park Theatre until 13 July and I urge to go and get your tickets.

I first had the pleasure of seeing Boeing, Boeing in the West End back in the 1960’s and I’ve seen it several times since over the years but Tuesday nights production at the DPT was so much fun.  A good comedy is timeless and the ‘Talking Scarlet’ team, who so ably gave us a great Murder Mystery Season, excelled themselves in this vibrant, busy comedy.

The action takes place in bachelor Bernard’s flat near Orly Airport in Paris.  Convinced he has found a fool proof way of having a bevy of beautiful women from across the world in his life, all strictly governed by the uncertain world of airline schedules, he is completely self-absorb in what he sees as playboy perfection.  But, something is bound to go wrong….and it does!

Anita Graham as Bertha, Bernard’s long suffering housekeeper, gives us a subtle blend of disbelief and distain in coping with Bernard and his ladies.  The three beautiful air hostesses that have fallen for Bernard’s charms were played by Ciara Janson, Zoie Kennedy and Kim Tiddy and their comic timing was spot on.  I don’t want to give too much of the story away but I promise you will you will be laughing all the way through.   The cast obviously love every moment of the plot and its innuendos and twists and that comes across so strongly you can’t help but enjoy.  Ben Roddy as the arrogant Bernard delivers in full but for me it was Philip Stewart as Robert, Bernard’s friend, who finds himself in the middle of all the excitement of flying visits, who stole the show.  He is a comedy natural, born to be on the stage, and I hope we shall see him on our stage again very soon.

Well done ‘Talking Scarlet’ please come back to Eastbourne again very soon.

Posted June 30th, 2013

The Cast of “Dead Certain”

Tuesday 25th June – The “Murder in the Park” season concluded with “Dead Certain”, a play by Marcus Lloyd. The story is in the best tradition of psychological thrillers, starting with an out of work actor, agreeing to a request to visit a wheelchair bound ex-dancer in her lonely cottage, and to perform a play she has written.

But the seemingly innocuous request slowly spirals into something very sinister, leading to a very unexpected conclusion.

Following the opening night performance, the Friends hosted a bar reception for the cast and members of the Friends.

Posted June 23rd, 2013

The Cast of Deathtrap

Tuesday 18th June – Saw the opening night of “Deathtrap”, as part of the continuing “Murder In The Park” season. The comedy thriller by Ira Levin, tells the story of a previously successful playwright, struggling to write his next play, after a series of box office flops.

In desperation the playwright turns to plagiarising the work of an unknown playwright. With many plot twists, the story draws to a very sinister conclusion. The cast gave a very polished performance, and kept the tension building successfully from start to finish.

Following the performance, the Friends hosted one of their ever popular bar receptions, giving members of the Friends an opportunity to meet the cast.

Posted June 16th, 2013

The Cast of “Suddenly at Home”

Tuesday 11th June – “Suddenly at Home”, by Francis Durbridge, continues the “Murder in the Park” season. The thrilling play tells the tale of a carefully planned murder with an unexpected twist.

Following the opening night, the Friends hosted one of their ever popular bar receptions for the cast, and for members of the Friends.

Posted June 16th, 2013

Saturday 8th June – The Friends chair,  Angela Hughes, presented a promotional event at the Underground Theatre. In addition to a short film and a photo montage, Angela gave a talk on the range of activities with which the Friends are involved, in their efforts to support the Devonshire Park Theatre.

Posted June 11th, 2013

The Cast of “Murder Weapon”

4th June – Devonshire Park Theatre was pleased to host the first performance and world premier of “Murder Weapon”. The Play by Brian Clemens,  is a tense and gripping a story of a murder investigation, and is part of the Devonshire Park Theatre’s “Murder in the Park” series of plays.

Following the first performance, the Friends hosted a bar reception for the cast, and for members of the Friends.

Posted June 11th, 2013

This years theme was pantomime for the Eastbourne Theatres float in the annual Eastbourne Carnival. Eastbourne Theatres staff and their family produced a very colourful spectacle, and the Friends were more than happy to lend assistance, particularly as the float won the best float competition.

Posted May 26th, 2013

Tuesday 21st May – The Friends hosted a bar reception for the Cast of “Dead Guilty”, pictured above, following the opening night. The play is a powerful psychological thriller and also a tale of revenge. The story revolves round two women, Margaret, who is widowed after her husband dies of a heart attack whilst at the wheel of his car, and Julia, his lover whom is with him at the time of his death.

A really good performance by the cast kept the tension going throughout the story.

Leading ladies Jenny Funnell and Anna Brecon

Posted May 26th, 2013

Wednesday 15th May- Following the first performance of “Some Like it Hotter”, the Friends hosted one of their ever popular bar reception for the cast, pictured above, and for Friends who wanted to enjoy the after show entertainment, and meet the cast.

The show, inspired by the old classic Hollywood film “Some Like it Hot”, has proved to be a real hit, with a sparkling performance form the cast, helping to create a dazzling musical comedy, with an interesting wry look at celebrities, and how they are regarded by the public.

Posted May 26th, 2013

Saturday 18th May – The Friends held their Spring Fair outside the elegant facade of the historic Devonshire Park Theatre, Eastbourne. A number of stalls offered a variety of things to enjoy, or to buy, including morning coffee, scones and cakes, CD’s, DVD’s and books, and bedding plants. There was also a tombola and wine raffle, and for those visitors wishing to find out a little more about the Theatre, tours of the Theatre were available though-out the morning.

As Always. the cake stall was particularly popular