Around forty Friends braved a very cold and blustery Sunday afternoon in early February to take part in the first social event of 2015:  a Beetle Drive!  It has to be said, however, that whoever invented the game was definitely no entomologist for, as we all know, a beetle sports six legs, whereas the creatures featured in the game have only four!  So perhaps it should probably more appropriately be called by the less attractive name of Bug Drive!

After some deliberation about the rules, all those taking part entered into the spirit of the afternoon with enthusiasm.  At times the noise made by dice rattling in cups was deafening – and as one South African pointed out somewhat reminiscent of the noise made by the Tok Tokkie beetle of the Namibian plains which produce a “tokking” sound when tapping their rear end on the ground – a serenade they perform in order to attract a mate!

For the uninitiated, the object of the game is to draw a (four-legged) beetle whose body parts are determined by the number thrown on the dice and the first person to complete a beetle is the winner.  The room was arranged in tables of four and after each game, the winner moves to the next table.  Then, on completion of the nine games, the overall winner is the person with the highest score.  On this occasion it was Beryl Papper with a score of 238 (from a possible 297).  Beryl is pictured below receiving her prize of theatre vouchers from Friends’ Chairman, Lesley Raven.

Overall winner, Beryl Papper, receiving her prize from Lesley Raven

Although the winner of each round received a small prize, sadly there were no prizes for the artistic merit displayed by a number of The Friends who drew some highly imaginative and decorative beetles!

Some very artistic Beetles

After the competition of the Beetle Drive the Friends enjoyed a tea of sandwiches and cake and the draw for the raffle (which raised £80).

All in all, a pleasant way to spend a cold winter’s afternoon!