The “Friends” welcomed Bob Golding and his crew members to the after-show reception following a brilliant solo performance in which he told us about the life of Eric Morecambe and the successful career he had with Ernie Wise over a period of 41 years.  During the 90 minute performance Rob played 55 different parts and had  to learn 60 pages of monologues which resulted in the audience giving him a standing ovation at the end of the show. The following day Bob said “It’s great to be back in Eastbourne, especially to perform at the Devonshire Park Theatre. The Friends of the Theatre threw us a post show drinks reception on the first night which was genuinely really lovely. We did a massive 40 date tour last year and not one venue did anything like that. It shows how well supported the theatre is and for an actor it’s really a nice touch.” We are proud to be one of the few theatres in the country that still continue to welcome the visiting companies to our theatre and hope to be able to continue this service for many years to come.

Bob Golding