The Cast & Company of “Boeing Boeing” at the first night bar reception.

Boeing, Boeing, is playing at the Devonshire Park Theatre until 13 July and I urge to go and get your tickets.

I first had the pleasure of seeing Boeing, Boeing in the West End back in the 1960’s and I’ve seen it several times since over the years but Tuesday nights production at the DPT was so much fun.  A good comedy is timeless and the ‘Talking Scarlet’ team, who so ably gave us a great Murder Mystery Season, excelled themselves in this vibrant, busy comedy.

The action takes place in bachelor Bernard’s flat near Orly Airport in Paris.  Convinced he has found a fool proof way of having a bevy of beautiful women from across the world in his life, all strictly governed by the uncertain world of airline schedules, he is completely self-absorb in what he sees as playboy perfection.  But, something is bound to go wrong….and it does!

Anita Graham as Bertha, Bernard’s long suffering housekeeper, gives us a subtle blend of disbelief and distain in coping with Bernard and his ladies.  The three beautiful air hostesses that have fallen for Bernard’s charms were played by Ciara Janson, Zoie Kennedy and Kim Tiddy and their comic timing was spot on.  I don’t want to give too much of the story away but I promise you will you will be laughing all the way through.   The cast obviously love every moment of the plot and its innuendos and twists and that comes across so strongly you can’t help but enjoy.  Ben Roddy as the arrogant Bernard delivers in full but for me it was Philip Stewart as Robert, Bernard’s friend, who finds himself in the middle of all the excitement of flying visits, who stole the show.  He is a comedy natural, born to be on the stage, and I hope we shall see him on our stage again very soon.

Well done ‘Talking Scarlet’ please come back to Eastbourne again very soon.