Clive Francis certainly did not disappoint!  A near-packed house was enthralled by Clive’s masterful performance of his own adaptation of Dickens’ A Christmas Carol.  Where does he get the energy from; how on earth does he remember all those lines?  These were just some of the questions from the audience as he re-appeared on stage following his solo seventy-minute performance to face a short question and answer session.

Clive answering questions

A long-time patron of this organisation, Clive is no stranger to the stage in Eastbourne.  He grew up in the town and worked as an Assistant Stage Manager at the Devonshire Park before going on to RADA and, of course, there were many of his friends in the audience – delighted to be there to support him.  Equally, there were those who had not seen this show before and they could not fail to be impressed with what unfolded on the stage as he brought to life a whole host of Dickensian characters in this skilful and evocative production.  How pleased were the Friends to be able to sponsor this performance so that a large proportion of the proceeds from ticket sales could be used by them on improvements to this theatre that clearly means so much to Clive.

For around 100 members of the audience the afternoon had started with lunch at nearby Pomodoro e Mozzarella Restaurant.  A record of nearly seventy friends joined in the lunch organised by the Friends and their numbers were boosted by another party of WI ladies organised by one of our members.

Thank you Clive for giving us the chance to experience this and for being so willing to chat and reminisce with the audience after what must have been a really gruelling afternoon on stage.