Friends Chairman, Harry Lederman, welcomed back the “Bugle Boy” Company and  Cast to the Devonshire Park Theatre following their very successful visit with the same show last year. He said that he was delighted that “Bugle Boy” happened to be the Production for the last after-show reception he would be hosting before stepping down as Chairman on 26th July and he thanked the Company for a first class production which entertained one of the biggest audiences we have had this year. Harry wished the Company the very best of luck for the two weeks they will be performing in Eastbourne and for the rest of the tour.  In particular, he thanked David Wilder for keeping the Company together in spite of the problems that the previous Producer had experienced and he wished him well for the future. Tricia Sneath, on behalf of the “Friends”, thanked Harry for the way he had welcomed visiting Companies over the past three years and stressed how important it was that these after-show receptions should continue in the future, as we were one of the few Theatres in the country that still did them, and they were greatly appreciated by the visiting Companies.

"Bugle Boy" Company with Chairman, Harry Lederman