“The Cemetery Club” came to the Devonshire Park Theatre on 29 May starring three lovely ladies who have entertained us over the years in so many different ways – Shirley-Anne Field, Anita Harris and Anne Charleston, ably supported by another lovely lady, Debbie Norman who gave a brilliant performance a few years ago in Chris Jordan’s production of “Stepping Out”. They were joined by lucky Peter Ellis in an amusing and, at times, touching play about three widows who regularly visit the cemetery to pay their respects to their late husbands – with surprising results! The Company met members of the “Friends” in the Theatre Bar after the first night performance and were welcomed by Harry Lederman who wished them a successful week in the Theatre and a pleasant week in our town.  In response, Anita Harris, who is one the “Friends” five patrons said how much they all enjoyed coming to our Theatre and the friendly welcome they always receive.

Shirley-Anne Field, Harry Lederman, Anita Harris and Peter Ellis