The Friends were recently asked if they could visit the Hawthorns Retirement Home and give a talk to a small group of their residents who have an interest in theatre and in particular the  Devonshire Park Theatre.

The opportunity to promote the Theatre was welcomed and  Tom Dixon went along on Thursday February 21st. Jackie Knights and Pam Overington also attended.

Tom gave presentations to the group on the history of the Theatre, The Friends and finished up  showing The Friends promotional DVD.

The group were very appreciative of the talk and expressed an interest in a theatre tour which we hope to arrange in the near future.

One very interested resident was a gentleman called Malcolm Goddard, who had actually performed at the Devonshire Park in a musical in 1944. He has quite an interesting background in theatre and in fact had his own singing and dancing group.

At the end of the presentation The Hawthorns kindly gave a donation of £60 to The Friends.