What a better way to spend a dreary Sunday afternoon in January – than to meet up with eighty like-minded people in the Gold Room for a Fun Quiz followed by sandwiches and cake!

Once again Steve and Carol White provided a varied – if at times frustrating – quiz for the ten competing teams to get their collective heads around.  With subjects ranging from history and geography to TV and film and current affairs, with all the usual categories in between, it became quite a tactical affair – when do you play your Joker?  Are you sure the questions are not getting more obscure and trivial as the rounds go on: who had picked up that Frank Bruno had paid £50k for a static caravan on the Isle of Sheppey?  Readers of the Daily Mail!

The runaway winners were Team 5 on table E who finished nearly a round’s worth of points ahead of their nearest rivals.  The eight clever team members are pictured below.

The winning team

The raffle held raised £115.