Jo Sands (right) with Lesley Raven

A fascinating talk by Jo Sands, on her memories of the Stage has begun the New Year for the FDPT.
Born into a theatrical family she only ever wanted to go on the stage,  she was lucky to go to a good girls’ school where she was with Esther Rantzen and other girls who became household names in entertainment.
She began her career in rep as assistant stage manager and seems to have done every job through acting to now being the stage door keeper at the Devonshire Park
Her talk was interspersed with anecdotes of the great and famous that she and her family worked with, from the 10 shilling note ( how many remember them) given to repair her doll when a child to meetings with actors and actresses working with her father Leslie Sands and her mother Pauline Williams.
Her reminisces included searching for props as a professional stage manager to the amateur work she did later on.
Her family are continuing the tradition with Megan doing lighting at the Hippodrome and Devlin a producer travelling the world in his work.
The afternoon was completed with scones, jam, cream and a pot of tea.