Joy and Derrick had their audience singing and clapping along – even if the chorus was in Gaelic – as they entertained the Friends in the Gold Room with their repertoire of traditional music and songs and their amusing anecdotes.


The duo first played for the Friends in April 2008 – in the snow!  It was a somewhat warmer Sunday afternoon eight years on and still a pleasure to listen to Joy’s beautiful singing and hear and experience some of the many different instruments they had brought along with them – from a hammer dulcimer, to a crumhorn, psaltery, serpent, whistles galore (including one dating back to Victorian times with a lead mouthpiece – not played!), recorders, harp, Northumbrian small pipes and a myriad of others in between!


For many there, a new word entered their vocabulary:  “Twagger”.  Joy and Derrick are both members of the Twagger Band and, as Joy explained, in her part of the country (South Yorkshire) it was a word used to describe something with no name – a thing-a-me-jig!

The raffle raised £100.51.