The next “100 Club” will begin in July of this year.  To participate in the scheme, which offers you chances of winning cash prizes each month and supports our fund raising efforts, please download and complete this form. You may apply for more than one number but you must be a member of the Friends of the Devonshire Park Theatre.

Of the money raised from the ‘100 Club’, half is returned in prize money to the monthly winners and the other 50% goes to the Friends to support the Devonshire Park Theatre.

Prize money is dependent on the number of members who join.  The winning numbers are drawn at Friends’monthly social events.

Entries must be received on or before the AGM on 9 July 2015.
We regret that entries received after this date cannot be accepted as the prize money will have been allocated and announced.

To participate in the 100 Club you must be a member of the FODPT.  

To find more about membership, please visit the Membership page on this website.