On Sunday 20th October members spent a very enjoyable afternoon participating in the ever-popular quiz devised by Sally Morris, and ably assisted by Malcolm Webster. An excellent mix of categories; although those of us unable to attend all of the Devonshire Park productions saw our points rapidly diminish. The ‘table top’ quizzes were excellent too.

No less than three teams tied for first place – ‘Busy Bees’, ‘Harry’s Heroes’  and  ‘Scrambled Eggheads’.  After two ‘tie-breaker’ questions  –  “name the seven deadly sins, and name the seven Cinque ports” – the eventual winners were ‘Scrambled Eggheads’. The winners of the table top quizzes were ‘Goldie’s Girls’; and congratulatory prizes were given to the winning members of both teams.

We then all enjoyed an excellent tea with delicious mixed sandwiches and shortbread cookies. A most enjoyable afternoon – many thanks to all concerned for all their hard work to make it successful.  The Scambled Eggheads team comprised: Meg Munson, Mal & Tony Milner, Jean & Ted Cassell, Ken Boorer and Paul Cassell .

Quiz winners: Scrambled Eggheads