Secondary Cause of Death is the second in a trilogy of spoof Agatha Christie-genre whodunnits written by prolific playwright, Peter Gordon, based around the character of Inspector Pratt, so brilliantly played in this production by David Callister.

The play is set in a country manor house in the Spring of 1939 just before the outbreak of World War II.  Like most plots of this genre, dead bodies abound and we soon learn that the Inspector is indeed well named! His entire dialogue consists of a series of Malapropisms, with perhaps the odd Spoonerism thrown in for good measure!  There was much tittering in the audience at some of his language,  and also when the character Henrietta Woolmer-Cardington (portrayed so cleverly by Liz Garland) pronounces her ‘r’s as ‘w’s – Mrs Whitehouse would not have been impressed!

After such a tremendous romp on the stage, The Friends were certainly looking forward to welcoming the cast to the Bar for a well-earned drink.

The Cast

It is always such a pleasure to see Patric Kearns and the familiar faces in his company.  In fact, it was the first time in Eastbourne for only one cast member (Megan Terry), all the rest were frequent visitors and several voiced the view that it was just like ‘coming home’!  We certainly enjoy having such good friends returning. Particularly touching was the fact that David Callister and Polly Smith, despite their having to dash off to catch a train for their commute back to London, popped in to to say hello!

We are certainly looking forward to welcoming them all back soon!