Why do we all love murder mysteries?  Well we hope we do as we are in for our fair share of them this summer at the Devonshire Park!

Middle Ground’s production of The Business of Murder was not to disappoint those devotees of the genre and as it progresses it is not difficult to understand why this play had a successful nine-year run in the West End.  This psychological thriller, written by Richard Harris (who has an impressive stage, television and screen writing pedigree), was premiered in 1981 and it is in the living room of a stereotypical flat of this period, complete with its chunky wood-veneer-encased TV, that the action takes place.

With so many twists and turns to the story, it was quickly clear that the happenings on stage required your full attention and at times you could almost hear the collective mind of the large first night audience ticking over!  Robert Gwilym, was brilliant as the baggy-cardy loving, middle-class, middle-aged, bespectacled – and at times menacing – Stone with Paul Opacic (how do you pronounce that name!) equally convincing as the old-style, bullying cop, Superintendent Hallett, alongside Joanna Higson as Dee, his mistress and a successful television playwright.  As the plot unfolds, it becomes clear that they share one thing in common – the business of murder!

Robert Gwilym, Joanna Higson and Paul Opacic

Robert Gwilym, Joanna Higson and Paul Opacic

It was, therefore, with great anticipation – and perhaps a little trepidation after such convincing performances – that The Friends welcomed this three-strong cast the to the theatre bar for an after-show drink. Surprisingly, all three cast members were newcomers to Eastbourne, although all were such familiar faces to the many Friends gathered in the bar for they all had numerous television roles under their belts. There was much to talk about – as the pictures below bear testament!



The following day thirty-six Friends joined a packed audience at the matinee performance. They had all enjoyed a lunch at the Pomodoro & Mozzarella Restaurant where they also held a raffle which raised £40 to help the theatre.  The picture below shows a few of the ladies who attended.

Ladies who lunch!