There must be a reason why Trespass has not been staged for seventy years, despite it being a play from the pen of outstanding playwright, Emlyn Williams – who has such works as Night Must Fall and The Grass is Green to his name.  Perhaps the audience at the DPT on the first night of this Talking Scarlet production found out why!

This ghost story, written in 1947 – a post-war period when the country was coming to terms with bereavement on an enormous scale – deals with the shady area between life and death when minor aristocrat, Christine (played by our lovely Michelle Morris) is struggling to come to terms with the death of her second husband and is seeking a way of communicating with him.  Into her life walks – or rather arrives by boat for the ancestral home is on a remote island (remind you of a Christie story?) – a pair of charlatans posing as mediums – or is one of them for real?  With some tremendous acting performances and excellent mood changing lighting and music (what more would one expect from a play directed by Patric Kearns) it is good – if at times somewhat slow – entertainment.

Back: Jeremy Lloyd-Thomas, Ian Crowe, Jason Marc-Williams
Front: David Callister, Michelle Morris, Katy Dean, Judy Buxton

It was with mixed feelings that the Friends waited in the theatre bar to welcome the cast after this first night performance but with so many old friends among the cast any uneasiness was quickly dispelled and the conversation flowed.  It was so lovely to see them all back again at the DPT and we are always so grateful for the time that they give to us.  We look forward to welcoming many of them back later in the year.