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 chris-barber-2 Chairman
Chris Barber
01435 866523


Janet Maskelyne (also Website Editor)
01323 471148

Diane Lindop
07763 046086

 Brenda Pearson-Woodd (Treasurer)

Brenda Pearson-Woodd
01323 470595



Committee Members

  Maria Bayne
07795 066818
  Colin Gills
07903 826628
 Ian Goldsmith Ian Goldsmith
01323 638066
Daphne Grace (also Park Scene editor)
 Jackie Knights (New Members Secretary) Jackie Knights (also Membership Secretary)
01323 720198
 Pamela Overington Pam Overington
01323 521533
Lesley Raven
  Tricia Sneath
01323 725709

Clive Francis
Anita Harris
John Hester

Brian Murphy
Kevin Pallister
Simon Shepherd

Membership Secretary
Jackie Knights
01323 720198

Park Scene Editorial Team
Park Scene is the magazine published three times a year (in line with the Theatres’ brochure) which keeps members informed about work being done on their behalf by the Officers and Committee  and the social and other events arranged for their benefit,. It also contains articles from actors and others within the world of the performing arts.


Editor: Daphne Grace
Managing Editor: Janet Maskelyne
Advertising: Nick Maskelyne